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The Association's Award:
Thank you.
It brings to mind the graffiti response to Malcolm Fraser's statement made some time ago: "Life wasn't meant to be easy" - Life wasn't meant to be anything.

The single point is that World Heritage cannot be compromised.
The listing is made not to create business opportunities or profit - see Big push to get skyrail flying again, Gold Coast Sun, Thursday, June 21, 2012.
"We must make sure each terminal can be integrated with existing businesses so they are not placed in direct competition with other commercial ventures. If this could be accommodated I would love to see this project get support and enhance the local economy."
Cr. Tozer on the cableway project.
Did he mention this during his election campaign?
The critical factor is the World Heritage listing and what it stands for. The listing was made for the protection of the biodiversity of flora and fauna in the region. It was not made because of the beauty of the place and its' tourist potential.
To understand this may be difficult, but life, like politics and commerce, was never meant to be easy - well, anything:
but commitment is needed and expected.
The world is watching . . 
as Australia has discovered with its' Great Barrier Reef
(that is also listed on the World Heritage register).


4. Protecting our environment and community
– Finding the balance between growth and preservation

Residents live in Division 9 for good reason. It is a most beautiful Hinterland, has retained a country feel & culture and is known for a serenity and peace uncommon in other parts of the Gold Coast. Protecting this must be our priority. Our urban planning and economic objectives (which do remain critically important) should be governed by focus on preserving the reasons why our residents live here in the first place.

Glenn Tozer election commitment: see

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