Friday, October 5, 2012


On 6th October 2012, ABC News reported the discovery of a carcass of a mammoth, the most complete carcass found for over 100 years; see:

An 11-year-old Russian boy has found what is claimed to be the most complete mammoth carcass discovered for more than 100 years.
Scientists say it is the second-best preserved mammoth ever found; the only better preserved discovery was made in 1901.
The discovery has caused excitement amongst scientists who hope to be able to clone the mammoth.

Joined by employees of the nearby Sopkarga polar station, the scientists spent five days digging out the monster.

This is indeed an exciting find but it has odd and worrying overtones. Global warming made this possible.

Global warming has thawed ground in northern Russia that is usually almost permanently frozen, leading to the discoveries of a number of mammoth remains.

Scientists are still arguing about climate change and what should be done; but they have exercised their skills in assessing the mammoth:

Mr Tikhonov said the mammoth had died aged 15 or 16 around 30,000 years ago, adding its tusk, skin, an eye and an ear were clearly visible.

"His one-metre-long penis is also intact so we can conclude that this was a male," Mr Tikhonov said.

Scienttits simply continue to astonish. Is this last statement a joke? Is science so stupidly mundane? Are scientists just all useless nerds? Little wonder that there is such confusion with climate change! What hope is there with minds that are so critically tuned to hyper-rationalism?

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