Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The opinion piece by Ms Shannon Willoughby - see link below - is typical of the classic Australian blurb that is satirised on media with exaggerated hyperbolies. Instead of any rational analysis that discloses options and outcomes of various possibilities, we are given demeaning and insulting descriptions of those who do not agree - those not in favour of development - as if there was only one desirable, preferred or essential outcome. Dissenters are identified as 'a bunch of squeaky wheels (with) gripes (based on) self interest' - 'these guys' . . . 'small groups with even smaller views' . . . 'greenies' . . . 'a bunch of people' . . . 'a small few' - in summary, a tiny group of loudmouthed, selfish idiots? - are all getting in the way of progress. The cry is that 'people want something a little edgier,' whatever this means. It sounds like the addict's demand for more and better highs, as though mere beauty will never be enough. A big buzz seems to be demanded in an ever more intense and  entertaining, distracting experience, as though the world was indeed only a theatre for indulgence - forget contentment. This is no way to generate reasonable debate on any subject. It is a poke in the eye for anyone with concerns for the world we have and the world we have made. We need to carefully manage both of these. A scream demanding progress places us in the same chase as the new IT gadgets leave us. Today's best game is already outdone by tomorrow's as we foolishly wait for better and faster entertainments in an unknown future - as if this was going to be a certainty that will not only solve everything, but will also be better and for everyone's good. If tourism is seen as something that must 'grow,' then we need to be aware that making southeast Queensland look and feel just like every other place in the world is not the answer. We need to keep and care for what is different, not just for tourists, but for the diversity and biodiversity that is essential for well being.


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