Wednesday, May 9, 2012


If it takes 4 hours to count 60% of the apples in a box, how much longer will it take to count 100%?
The standard maths textbook in primary school used to have many such problems set for students to solve.
It is not difficult maths.
The answer, assuming the effort remains constant, is 2 hours 40 minutes.
It seems clear that things never stay the same in Queensland or at the ECQ.
After counting just over 60% of the vote in Division 9 at the Gold Coast (Queensalnd Local Government Election 2012) in 4 hours on election night, it has taken the Electoral Commission Queensland over nine days – well over 200 hours - to count just less than 20% of the votes.
The latest statistic published for votes counted in Division 9 is 79.55% - 5:30am, Tuesday 8 May 2012.
The total number of voters on the roll is listed as 21,573.
Simple maths again tells us that over a week after the day of the election, there remain more than 20% of the votes - actually 4,412 - still to be counted.
At this rate it will take at least a further week from today for all of the votes to be counted, but there is no guarantee that even this astonishingly poor progress can be sustained given the outcome to date.
Meanwhile, on Monday, the presidential election in France has been declared.
Voting was on Sunday.
What on earth is going on in Queensland?
It is not as though there are millions of votes to count in Division 9 or that the region is enormous.
Is it just carelessness or laziness - or incompetence?

Wednesday 9th May 2012, 10:35PM - ten days after voting:
Division 9 Gold Coast
ECQ internet site statistics:
Updated 09/05/2012 02:29:46PM (to the second!)
Percentage of Roll Counted: 81.83%
Total ballots counted: 17,659 
Who cares?

How slow can ECQ go?
About 2% of the vote was counted in two days. 
The last option seems to be the best explanation at this stage.
In the meantime, who is representing Dividision 9?
Who cares? 
There is nothing but silence.
Make this a competition:
when will 100% of the vote be counted?
Multiple choices:

16th May 2012;
23rd May 2012;
9th Jiune 2012;

Who knows?
Who cares?
We're Queenslanders!
This is really no excuse.

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