Saturday, May 25, 2013


On 26th May 2013, The Sydney Morning Herald carried a report by Andrew Darby on 400 native species in danger: see -
The report argues for funding to prevent these losses.

Of 1232 Australian bird species and subspecies, one-quarter would do badly when exposed to the effects of climate change later this century, the report finds.

It calls for funds now, for what would eventually be a $940 million program to safeguard birds from Cape York to Tasmania.
''A billion dollars over 50 years for conserving Australia's birds in the face of climate change is paltry compared to the cost of biodiversity loss."

What can one say when governments have plenty of money to fund everything else? The great irony here is not just the funding for, e.g., the car industry, but that funding is being sought to overcome the problems caused by funding. If monies were carefully managed with just some basic commitment to the environment, then we may not have to be concerned about losses. Sadly, the environment is still seen as a 'green' issue that is driven by 'green' extremists and madmen. Australia's aggressive attitude to 'bush' lingers on latently to mock those concerned about anything to do with nature and biodiversity.


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