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The article, Who or what is a tourist? suggested that tourists should be catered for by developing unique centres that can replicate and enhance the experience being sought so as to protect the sensitive places from being visited: see  

Tourism may bring in the dollars, but if the ambition is only pleasure, then we need to construct marvellous attractions well away from the real and fragile parts of our world and the world’s heritage. Play the game of fantasizing to maximise the pleasure in difference elsewhere. Don’t introduce comforts to add to the attraction in these sensitive places, in the belief that these facilities will have no impact. Such a strategy will kill the very thing that is most loved - by others.

In The Australian National Affairs, 23rd April 2013, Matthew Denholm, in his report Hut freezes in time feats of Mawson's men, see:
 tells of the plan to construct a replica of the huts at Hobart. The concept is to create a tourist attraction in the form of the huts so as to remove the pressure from the originals and to raise funds for their preservation. It is truly a 'win-win' situatrion with real substance rather than one with shallow, hollow spin.

Springbrook should have its own tourist centre that should be located on the theme park circuit for the convenience of the visitors. This would reduce the number of visitations on the plateau and reduce the traffic on the ever-narrowing mountain roads. Such a centre would allow tourists to discover the wonders of Springbrook without having to drive kilometres from the other attractions. The centre could explain why it was so important to protect Springbrook and would be a grand example to illustrate this strategy with its just being there, away from the mountain.

The centre could come complete with shops, restaurants, information centre and the full technological experience of various forest regions with their diverse flora and fauna, using holograms and sounds as well as the more traditional presentations.It could be exhiliarating. Tourists could learn just why Springbrook is so unique at their ease in a comfortable and entertaining environment. It could be everything a tourist attraction needs to be, and more, away from the annoying leeches and ticks, and rain and mist. The centre could have a mist/rain/cold room where visitors could experience the vagaries of weather on demand. No one would ever be disappointed! Those who were serious and concerned enough could always visit Springbrook and care for it.

For details on Springbrook see 

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